Odyssee Tiny House by Baluchon

Odyssee Tiny House by Baluchon

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today, we will introduce you to the Odyssee Tiny House by Baluchon, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is a house on wheels built by the France-based company Baluchon. The house, which offers a living area of ​​217 square meters, is the center of attention with its different design.

The exterior of the house is made of cedar veneer and looks very stylish. The section where the entrance door is located is used as a balcony.

The interior of the house attracts attention with its modern design. The walls are covered with wood and in this way, harmony with nature is achieved. At the same time, a spacious environment has been created inside by choosing white color.

The kitchen is small but useful. There is the necessary equipment to make fine meals. The foldable table turns into a dining table.

There is a living room in the raised section on the side of the kitchen. The seat and the music system on the side look very stylish and you can have a pleasant time here. At the same time, the lower part of this raised section is designed as a guest bedroom.

The upper mezzanine is used as a bedroom. There is a toilet at the bottom of this section.

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