Intrépide Tiny House By Baluchon

Intrépide Tiny House By Baluchon

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today, we will introduce you to the Intrépide Tiny House By Baluchon, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The Intrépide Tiny House is a wheeled house manufactured by the French firm Baluchon. The house is 7 m long and offers 23 square meters of living space.

The house fascinates the eyes with its architecture in different designs. The exterior of the house is covered with cedar. The house, which has a wide entrance door, has an area where you can grow flowers above the door. A living space is created in the attic by making the roof part inclined.

The interior of the house is designed modern. A spacious environment is created inside by using white color on the walls. Daylight has been utilized in the best way possible with its wide entrance door and windows.

At the entrance, there is a living room and a study area. A large and comfortable sofa and work table are placed in this area. At the same time, a different atmosphere is added to the house with the fireplace located on the side of the entrance.

The kitchen part of the house is quite spacious and stylishly designed. It has all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals. You can watch the view from the windows on both sides.

Further to the kitchen is a bathroom area with a sliding door. There is a shower, toilet, wardrobe, washing machine inside.

You can go upstairs with the ladder on the side of the kitchen. There is a double bed and a wardrobe on the upper floor.

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