Woodnest Tiny Cabin

Woodnest Tiny Cabin

Today we will introduce you to Woodnest Tiny Cabin, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Woodnest Tiny Cabin is also located in Odda in Norway. Designed by Helen & Hard, this cabin is operated by the Woodnest company. It can be rented to customers.

To reach the Woodnest Tiny Cabin, it is reached by walking a 20 min winding road through the forest in the town of Oddo. When you reach the cabin, you have to cross the wooden bridge behind the house. The house is only 15 m2. Watching the view you see from this house is an inexplicable feeling.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in this magnificent house shaped like a pine cone? This cabin was built 6 m above the ground and wrapped around the trunk of a tree. It has the opportunity to host four people.

The cladding on the exterior of the house is inspired by local Norwegian wooden architecture. The upper part of the wooden surface has been made of glass, and in this way, it is possible to make the most of the view.

In the interior of the house, wooden coating is used to achieve harmony with nature. Due to the wide windows, a spacious environment was created and it provided the opportunity to watch the unique view. There is a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen in the house.

To learn more about Woodnest Little Cabin, you can visit the Woodnest website.

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