Grand Cabin in Hungary

Grand Cabin in Hungary

Today we will introduce you to Grand Cabin in Hungary, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This cabin is located in Budapest, Hungary. The cabin designed by Hello Wood Studio is built on Balaton plateau.

This house, which has a floor area of ​​32 m2, attracts attention with its different design. While designing the cabin, the idea of ​​accommodating a large number of people in this small house was considered. Grand Cabin is a house located in the forest to organize parties, dinners, concerts with friends. The house can be designed in different shapes and sizes according to the wishes of the customers.

The house is designed as an A-frame. The window at the front covers the entire front surface and offers the opportunity to view the view. The most striking feature of the cabin is the two separate boxes on the sides. This way the bedroom and bathroom are separated from the cabin.

It looks quite beautiful in the interior of the house. The wood coating used in the interior has harmonized with nature. The A-window at the front makes the best use of sunlight and offers the opportunity to watch the view.

It is used as a living room in the main living area of ​​the house. The box on the left contains the bedroom, and the box on the right contains the bathroom.

To learn more about Grand Cabin in Hungary, check out the Hello Wood Studio website.

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