Woodsy Shipping Container Tiny House

Woodsy Shipping Container Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to Woodsy Shipping Container Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Woodsy Shipping Container Tiny House is located in South Austin. There are restaurants, boutiques, live music and cafes in the area. This modern home was designed by Jordan Rodgers and Jojo Fletcher.

This house is 320 square meters. It is 9.5 feet-40 feet long. The container opens onto a deck the length of the house and offers you a large living space here. You can have a pleasant chat with your loved ones here.

Woodsy Shipping Container Tiny House has three large glass doors that open onto the deck. One of the doors opens to the bedroom and the other two to the main living area. The front of the house is covered with wood and is very modern.

In the interior of the house, black color is preferred for the walls, white color is preferred for the ceiling and cabinets.

The kitchen is very useful. There is a black granite countertop, refrigerator, stove and upper shelves. A dining table and chairs are placed across the kitchen area.

Next to the kitchen is the living room. The living room has a large sofa and a small armchair.

You can enter the bedroom with a door that opens in the living room. The bedroom is quite large and modern.

At the other end of the house, there is a toilet and a bathroom. It has a washbasin, flush toilet and glass tile shower.

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