Essen’Ciel Tiny House

Essen’Ciel Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to Essen’Ciel Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Essen’Ciel Tiny House is a wheeled house manufactured by France-based company Baluchon. The firm is a company that builds tiny houses in different models.

When Essen’ciel is viewed from the outside, the most striking thing is its blue roof. At the same time, it is in harmony with its wooden-like exterior coating. Many windows were built to take advantage of the view, and special places were made outside the house to put flowers.

The interior of the house looks very modern. Blue and white tones were used and a spacious environment was created inside due to the large number of windows. The objects used in the house have added a different harmony to the house.

The living room has a large sofa bed. There are branch-shaped shelves on the blue wall here and it looks very stylish.

The size of the kitchen in the house is striking. The toilet and bathroom on the side of the partition where the kitchen is located divides the house into two parts.

You can go up to the bedroom with the staircase in the main living area. This ladder has two retractable steps to save space.

You can go up the stairs to the bedroom. The bedroom looks pretty stylish. You can watch the view from the window on the side.

For more information on Essen’Ciel Tiny House, visit the Baluchon website.

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