One Room Tiny Cabin

One Room Tiny Cabin

Today, we will introduce you to One Room Tiny Cabin, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Designed by JacobsChang, the One-Room Small Cabin is built in a forest in Barryville, 100km outside of New York. This single room cabin is built on an isolated area without water and electricity. The cost of the 33 m2 house is $ 20,000.

One end of the structure is fixed to the concrete floor and the other is fixed to a wooden and metal structure in a special anchorage system. The three windows of the house are floor-to-ceiling, thus making the most of the forest view.

The exterior of the house is made with Scandinavian pine tar in black. The materials used in the construction of the house were met from the 60 decares of land where the house was found.

In the interior of the house, white color is preferred as the opposite of the exterior facade. A spacious environment has been created due to the use of wide windows and light colors.

The interior of the house, which consists of a single room, is heated with a wood stove. A small area is used as a kitchen and there is a double bed in the house.

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