Tiny House in the Deep Forest

Tiny House in the Deep Forest

Today we will introduce you to a tiny house in the depths of the forest suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Tiny House in the Deep Forest is a wooden house designed by Studio PIKAPLUS. Selected as the best wooden structure in Slovenia in 2016, this house is a tiny house that combines the lines of exterior and interior. The wooden house is designed to be resistant to adverse weather conditions by making you feel the outdoor feeling in the interior. Softwood interiors are tightly protected by a durable outdoor shell.

The location of the house is placed in an open front area with the forest behind it. By using wood throughout the house, it has provided harmony with nature and modernity is at the forefront. The exterior of the house has a black coating and a geometrically different design. A triangular roof was preferred and a floor-to-ceiling fully glass window was made at the front of the house. In this way, the opportunity to watch the view from inside the house was provided.

The interior of the house is covered with wood and adapted to nature. Everywhere except the toilet, bathroom and sauna faces the windshield facade. Light colors were preferred for the interior and a spacious environment was created as the front facade is completely glass.


There is a large armchair and a fireplace in the living room in the main living area. Here you can enjoy the nature view with your loved ones.

The kitchen is designed very modern. It has everything you can find in a large kitchen. You can enjoy your meal in the dining room at the front of the kitchen, watching the view.

The toilet and bathroom on the side of the kitchen are designed quite spacious. There is also a sauna here.

You can go up the stairs in the main living area. There are two bedrooms upstairs. The bedrooms face the glass facade. You can watch the view from your bed. The first bedroom is the master bedroom with a double bed. The second bedroom has a bunk bed.

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