Strawmodul Tiny House

Strawmodul Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to Strawmodul Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Strawmodul Tiny House is a house with different modules produced by the Russian design firm Strawmodul. Strawmodul builds tiny houses of any size suitable for any climate. This model is located on the rocky coast of Russia, Crimea. The first house built by the series is s22. As the name suggests, the house is 22 m2. These dimensions can be expanded according to the wishes of the users.

Strawmodul Tiny House includes all the areas a user might need in a living space. The house is built on feet. A terrace console was built to watch the dense vegetation view in the Crimea. You can spend pleasant moments with your loved ones in this area. Using the large window on the front of the house, it allows you to watch the view from inside. You can watch the mountains on the left and the sunrise on the right. The deck flooring can be folded to close the glazed facade.

The load-bearing walls of the house are made of prefabricated mesh panels. The straw bale is firmly placed between the woods. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly structure. The house also has solar panels that provide 70% to 100% of the energy consumed.


The interior of the house is in harmony with nature by using wood veneer. Since the front is completely glass, a spacious environment has been created inside. On the first floor, which is the main living area of ​​the house, there is a small kitchen, dining table, toilet and bathroom. You can also enjoy the view on the terrace section.

You can go upstairs with the stairs in the main living area. There is a double bed here.

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