Bert Modular Treehouse

Bert Modular Treehouse

Today, we will introduce you to Bert Modular Treehouse, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Bert Modular Treehouse is a project designed by the architectural studio Precht. When Precht designed this project, it was inspired by the one-eyed character in the movie Minions. This is why ‘Bert’, a modular treehouse in the shape of a tree trunk with a large round window, emerged.

Bert like branches branching from the trunk of the tree; He designed living spaces such as kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom to sit on a modular circular cell. Bert designed the exterior of the house with a leaf-shaped wooden veneer to match the nature. Solar panels will be placed on the roof of this house, which is thought to be independent of the grid.

The interior of the house is designed very modern. It is thought to make the best use of sunlight inside with large single-eyed windows. Changes can be made in each module according to the wishes of the customers. This module includes a bedroom, kitchen, living room, library and bathroom.

Bert is designed to be manufactured in a factory and assembled on site. It will be such that new modules can be added to expand the treehouse.

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