Special Design Tiny House Producing Its Own Energy

Special Design Tiny House Producing Its Own Energy

Tiny houses have become quite popular in recent years and their numbers are increasing rapidly. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Special Design Tiny House Producing Its Own Energy’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Tiny houses have become popular because they are low cost, portable and sustainable. For this reason, the number of these tiny houses, which are an indispensable option for those who adopt this minimalist lifestyle, is increasing.

While designing tiny houses, they are made to be useful and functional. Since our space is small, it is very important where to place the items. With a good design, the interior of these houses can be made larger and more useful. For this reason, tiny house users should examine different house designs. You can get different information about these houses by browsing the other tiny house models on our website.

Special Design Tiny House

This tiny house, which amazes those who see it with its special design, is located in Adana, Turkey. The project designed by Emre Urasoğlu firm looks great with its special color harmony.

The house looks quite charming from the outside. The foredeck area is designed wide enough to have pleasant moments outdoors. Modern lines and the color harmony used on the exterior add a different atmosphere to the house. The house produces its own electricity with solar energy. The water requirement is supplied from the mains.

When we examine the interior, modern lines and luxury design surprise us. The color harmony outside also shows itself in the interior of the house. The sunlight coming from the wide windows created a spacious atmosphere in the interior of the house.

On the ground floor there is the living room, kitchen, dining table and bathroom. This open plan layout provides comfort and convenience to the homeowners. Access to the upper floor is via the stairs on the side.

Upstairs is the master bedroom with its own small balcony. On the side, there is a bedroom for children that can fit 3 beds. There is also a bathroom on this floor.


Special Design Tiny House Producing Its Own Energy

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