Technological and Luxury Designed Tiny Home

Technological and Luxury Designed Tiny Home

We continue to find and review new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Technological and Luxury Designed Tiny Home’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The number of tiny houses is increasing day by day. Tiny houses are the focus of a wider system that addresses today’s problems. It offers the path to greater financial freedom, a smaller environmental footprint and ultimately a self-sufficient life. In other words, tiny houses offer a lifestyle according to your own conditions and possibilities.

So who dreams of the minimalist life? Anyone who wants to simplify life, worries about financial plans, dreams of a self-sufficient life. Minimalist living allows you to have more freedom and enjoy an adventurous life. Take a look at other houses on our website to create your dream tiny house.

Luxury Designed Tiny Home

This mind-blowing tiny home is located in Urla, Izmir, Turkey. Urla is a cute town by the sea. I have never seen such a luxurious and technological tiny home.

The owner of the house, Cem, designed a tiny house in Urla beyond the dimensions of ordinary tiny houses. I can’t wait to review this masterfully crafted home.

The house is located in a beautiful garden. The family designed this house because they wanted to deal with organic farming. Seasonal vegetables are grown in the garden. It is also found in different trees.

The house has a porch in the front of the ground floor. This patio area features a sofa set, TV nook, and a six-person dining table. There is a fire pit for warming in the sitting group. By the way, the TV was created with a sliding system mechanism.


When we enter the interior of the house, I can hardly keep myself from being surprised. One of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen. Every detail of the house has been designed with the smallest detail in mind.

The house is designed around the kitchen. Furniture is custom made. The hanging shelf was used as a pantry. Cem stated that all the food was collected from the garden.

On the ground floor of the house there is a living area and a bathroom. The sitting area looks cute and cozy. The elegant and clean bathroom design is great. Bigger than the bathrooms in a regular tiny home.

Designed according to the wishes of two siblings aged 9 and 4, this fun children’s room has everything. Designed in yellow, the room has a game table and a bunk bed. There is also a skylight in the room.

I would say the master bedroom is a pretty good bedroom. The double bed is quite large. At the same time, the room has a wardrobe, storage space and a pouf with a reading corner. This room also has a skylight.


Technological and Luxury Designed Tiny Home

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