Incredible Change of Old Lowcountry Cottage.

Incredible Change of Old Lowcountry Cottage.

We continue to discover new tiny houses with different designs for you. Today we will introduce you to Incredible Change of Old Lowcountry Cottage.’ suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The demand for tiny houses is increasing day by day and continues to increase. Even if a tiny home is a modern and luxurious tiny home, it costs homeowners less than owning a full-size home. The affordable cost increases the interest in these houses.

These houses are also easier to maintain than other houses. You can place these houses in any location where you will feel peaceful. These houses bring their owners closer to nature and allow them to find peace. Visit our website to build your own tiny house and examine different models.

Old Lowcountry Cottage

This gorgeous 660 square foot tiny house is located in Beaufort, South Carolina. This building was restored by photographer Josh Gibson and his interior designer wife Michelle Prentice.

They weren’t thinking of downsizing when the small annex behind the couple’s home came on the market. They decided to buy the property because Beaufort’s historic preservation laws prevented the historic structures from being demolished. When they first bought the house, they were only going to fix the structural problems, but they started a year-long complete renovation.

The couple started working and in the process the history of the house was revealed. He revealed that half of the cottage was built in 1880 as a working kitchen for a larger home in the neighborhood. The second half of the house was added in the 1940s. For this reason, they nicknamed this part of the house “The Cook House”. The couple took care not to compromise the integrity of the house while restoring the Lowcountry cottage.

The house is set in a beautiful garden and has a gorgeous front patio area. A comfortable atmosphere is created by hanging swings on the veranda.

When we enter the interior of the house, we see that the old texture is preserved. White color was preferred and it turned out great. A different atmosphere was added to the house by using corrugated flooring instead of drywall. The kitchen cabinets and the dining table are really cool. The bedroom with a different design looks quite cozy.


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