Baby Bear Haus – A Frame Tiny House

Baby Bear Haus – A Frame Tiny House

Tiny houses are becoming a trend and the number is increasing day by day. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Baby Bear A Frame Tiny House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

People are looking for different alternatives to get away from the city crowd and relax. For this reason, the number of tiny houses is increasing day by day. Living in a tiny house has its advantages and disadvantages. You should choose tiny houses suitable for your own lifestyle.

Tiny houses are available in different options. For this, it is necessary to do good research and make the right decision. Check out other tiny houses on our website.

Baby Bear Haus

Baby Bear Haus is located in Big Bear Lake, California, United States. This A-Frame Tiny House, which can be rented through Airbnb, offers its guests a peaceful life in nature. Located 2 miles from Big Bear Lake, the house is close to national forest hiking trails.

Who does not want a peaceful life in nature? The cabin is suitable for four guests looking for a modern mountain getaway. There are many trails in the national forest. There is hiking, skiing and easy access to the lake.

The house looks pretty great from the outside. You can have a pleasant time on the deck area and benefit from the Spa. You can also barbecue.

The interior of the house has a very modern design. There is a kitchen with all the necessary equipment for cooking.
Two fireplaces, where you can find peace in the crackling of the fire, look very stylish. You can have pleasant moments with your loved ones in the dining table and sitting area. The master bedroom has a double bed. There is also a sofa bed in the living room for sleeping.

To learn more about Baby Bear Haus – A Frame Tiny House, visit the Airbnb website.

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