Vista Boho Tiny House by Escape

Vista Boho Tiny House by Escape

Interest in minimalist life is increasing day by day. People are looking for a place where they can get away from the crowd of the city and have a quiet time. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Vista Boho Tiny House by Escape’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house on wheels is manufactured by Winconsin-based Escape. Its dimensions are 25′ L x 8′ 6” W x 10′ H. The house is sold with different alternatives in a way that it can meet its own needs and work completely independently. Its standard price is $52,425.

The exterior of the house is clad in brown cedar veneer with steel accents and aluminum trim. It looks very stylish with the lights at the entrance.

The interior of the house looks very stylish. Wood veneer details are used and harmony with nature is achieved. A spacious environment was created in the interior by using large windows. Daylight enters abundantly.

  • 1 Sitting area
  • 1 Double bed
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Bathroom

It has ample storage space, including shelving in the upper part of the house, drawers under the bed and sofa, a pull-out unit next to the folding table, a tall cabinet with hangers, and shelves in the bathroom.

The main living area includes a sitting area with a comfortable sofa, a double bed and a small but useful kitchen. There is also a dining table opposite the sitting area, making the most of the view.

The bathroom has a shower, a wall-mounted sink and a flush toilet.

For more information about ‘Vista Boho Tiny House by Escape’ and to view the different models, visit the Escape website.

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