Ark Shelter Shipping Container

Ark Shelter Shipping Container

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today, we will introduce you to Ark Shelter Shipping Container, which is suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This eco-friendly home is fully customizable. Built by Ark Shelter, a Belgium-based company, this house can generate its own electricity by using wind energy. At the same time, it meets the water need by collecting rainwater. This house is preferred because it is environmentally friendly and independent from the system.

House 9.5 x 30 ft. The company also offers models in different sizes. The cost of this fully furnished house is $ 48,000.

It was built using the home shipping container. Black and white siding is made on the exterior. It offers the opportunity to watch the view in the best way by using wide windows.

The interior of the house is covered with wood and harmony with nature is achieved. Due to the large windows, the sun’s rays have been used in the best way and a spacious environment has been created inside.

There is a large double-sided door in the middle of the house. These doors open and offer a large living space outside. The fireplace in the middle area adds a different atmosphere to the house. You can watch the view from this area in the best way.

The bedroom is at the far end of the house. There is a double bed in this area. The door part of the container has been turned into a glass window. You can watch the view from the bedroom in the best way with the opening of the door.

The kitchen is very stylish and useful. There are areas where you can place all your necessary equipment to cook delicious meals.

At the other end of the house, there is a toilet and a bathroom.

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