Casa Tiny House

Casa Tiny House


Today we will introduce you to a new tiny house suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Cubica is a company specializing in container-based construction in Costa Rica. They made container based residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Cubica has designed Casa Cubica, a compact accommodation built from a 6 meter container for a surface area of ​​14.9 m2. Primarily, they market it as a holiday home that can accommodate up to four people. It is also suitable for living as a single person or couple at all times. Design can be changed according to customer requests.

The terrace above the Cubica is the focal point of this tiny house. You can climb the stairs to the terrace. Gray colors are preferred outside the house. The terrace section is made of wood. The house can be entered through the sliding window on the front. There is also an external entrance to the toilet and bathroom. There is a veranda at the entrance.

Wooden colors are preferred in the interiors of the house. There is a useful kitchen opposite the entrance. There is a two-storey bunk bed on its left side. There are narrow windows on the sides of the bunk beds. There is a double bed on the right side of the kitchen. This bed can be folded into a four-person dining room. To the right of the bedroom there is a toilet and a bathroom. You can enter this section from outside.

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