Makatita, Tiny House Inspired by the Folded Leaf

Makatita, Tiny House Inspired by the Folded Leaf


This tiny House is Holland. It was designed by the Liberte Tiny Houses company. The Makatita is designed inspired by the shape of a folded leaf.

Customers wanted a tiny house connected with nature. Architects designed Makatita by making a different design.

Makatita is made with a number of angles that are difficult to describe. Despite being only 17 meters high, the tiny house looks spacious thanks to the large window area that surrounds the interior and connects it to the view.

Liberty Tiny Houses created a light shadow effect through the shutters, thinking about the shapes found in nature and the way sunlight passes through the treetops.

Inside, all glass furniture such as a folding table and firewood storage are integrated into the Liberty Tiny Houses structure. The structure includes a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a mezzanine with a shelf that can hold a pile of books.

This tiny house offers you an extraordinarily comfortable living space.

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