Modern Two-Storey Shipping Container House in Peru

Modern Two-Storey Shipping Container House in Peru

Interest in minimalist life is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to “Modern Two-Storey Shipping Container House in Peru”, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This gorgeous looking house is a shipping container house designed by Sachie Fujimori. The house is located in Peru and is one of the most innovative projects of 2014. The house is designed for a family of two.

During the construction, 3 shipping containers were used. Two of them are 20 feet on the first floor and one is 40 feet on the second floor. The house has a completely ecological structure. It was built using comfortable and recyclable materials, prioritizing its own energy and resource generation. The interior of the house is 60 square meters, the terrace area is 53 square meters.

The house has a small garden on the ground floor. A green wall has been created on one side of the exterior and serves as a natural heat and insulator, providing a more comfortable life indoors. The outdoor area offers comfortable living.

Considering that the house was designed for a rural area, emphasis was also placed on the use of glass materials to “open” the interior to the nature outside. This also makes the visual field wider.

The interior of the house attracts attention with its modern design and stylish appearance. More than one material in the house has been transformed into a different product and made useful. For example; a topographic research tripod as a lamp, a small bench at the entrance and a table with a briefcase are created, the sewing machine acts as a bench for the sink, while the tennis racket is transformed into a mirror.

The first floor of the house has an entrance hall, kitchen-dining room, living room and guest bathroom. On the second floor, there is the couple’s bedroom, desk area and en-suite bathroom.

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