Absolutely Artistic Tiny House in the Nook on the Hill

Absolutely Artistic Tiny House in the Nook on the Hill

One of the best things about tiny houses is that they are eco-friendly. Tiny homes use less energy than traditional homes. Today we will introduce you to ‘Absolutely Artistic Tiny House in the Nook on the Hill’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Most people think that living in a tiny house is difficult, cramped and uncomfortable. However, this is not the case at all. Tiny houses are designed to maximize available space. So you’d be surprised how wide it actually is.

More and more people are abandoning traditional homes in favor of tiny cottages. People should choose the tiny house that suits their lifestyle. For this, more tiny houses should be examined and if possible, they should stay in these houses. You can find your dream tiny house by examining other tiny houses on our website.

Artistic Tiny House

This tiny house may be small in size but it is truly loving. Owners of the House Benj and Holly are also the builders of the house. The owners built this house for themselves as a shelter and a place of healing.

The Nook is located on a one-hectare block in Australia, at the eastern end of Gariwerd, about 9 km from the tourist town of Halls Gap. While this house is a relatively new addition, its story goes back thirty years. Benj and his family lived behind the Nook’s location. His father had a dream of building cottages.

Inspired by Benj’s father, he decided to build this house, and with the support of his friends, he built the Nook. This tiny house has everything. Full of character and brilliant design.

The house looks quite charming from the outside. The red bricks used on the exterior add a different atmosphere to the house. The house is solar powered and was built using many recycled materials.

It is quite relaxing in the garden of the house. The garden features a recycled cast iron bath. There is a picnic table under the Pergola in the garden. The fire pit offers a great opportunity to warm up outside.

The interior of the house is quite relaxing. The living room with a custom-made sofa offers a nice opportunity to admire the view. For those who love to cook, all kinds of tools are available in the kitchen. The bathroom has its own character with a special door.

The bedroom, located on the mezzanine floor, has furniture specially made from reclaimed hardwood. The queen bed offers the perfect opportunity to sleep under the stars and wake up to the chirping of the birds. There is also a reading corner in this area.


Absolutely Artistic Tiny House in the Nook on the Hill

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