A Scottish Man Rebuilds Abandoned Tiny Cottage

A Scottish Man Rebuilds Abandoned Tiny Cottage

We continue to find and review new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘A Scottish Man Rebuilds Abandoned Tiny Cottage’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The number of tiny houses is increasing day by day. Tiny houses are the focus of a wider system that addresses today’s problems. It offers the path to greater financial freedom, a smaller environmental footprint and ultimately a self-sufficient life. In other words, tiny houses offer a lifestyle according to your own conditions and possibilities.

So who dreams of the minimalist life? Anyone who wants to simplify life, worries about financial plans, dreams of a self-sufficient life. Minimalist living allows you to have more freedom and enjoy an adventurous life. Take a look at other houses on our website to create your dream tiny house.

Tiny Cottage

The owner of this house, George Dunnett, grew up in the small Scottish village of Kinnesswood, about an hour north of Edinburgh. He came across this abandoned two-story cottage below his family’s house and bought the house. Dunnett, a 28-year-old video editor, decided to restore this house.

Dunnett believes the building dates back to the 1700s, when it was used to stash religious books, as he learned from people in the village. “People said it was connected to a church that was destroyed and it was just next door neighbor’s garden,” he said.

This 400 square meter country house was very old. Bought the property for £55,386 in October 2020. The house had no concrete floors and the windows were in poor condition. Because the building was old, some parts of the foundation had to be strengthened. The roof had to be repaired because it was flooded. The stones covering the outside of the house had to be repaired by the stonemason.

New windows were added to the house and the walls were filled with cement by the stonemason to make them safe and waterproof. At the same time, a skylight was added to the roof. Dunnett’s father laid the cobblestones on the road in front of the house. The house has been given a new look.


Dunnett completely emptied the inside of the house. The interior of the house contained nothing but an old fireplace and a wooden staircase.

According to Dunnettin’s plan, there will be a bathroom and bedroom downstairs. On the upper floor, he thought of designing it as an open plan living area, kitchen and dining area. Dunnett worked with the masters himself.

The house has been renovated and given a modern look. Dunnett said the renovations cost a total of £102,458. He estimates he spent £157,844 on the entire project, including buying the cottage.


A Scottish Man Rebuilds Abandoned Tiny Cottage

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