White Leaf Commons Tiny House with Spectacular Deck Space

White Leaf Commons Tiny House with Spectacular Deck Space

We continue to discover beautiful and high quality tiny houses. Today we will introduce you to ‘White Leaf Commons Tiny House with Spectacular Deck Space’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Living in tiny houses is nothing new, but their number is constantly increasing. With the diversification and change of housing need, more housing is needed. For this reason, the interest and demand for tiny houses is increasing.

We believe in the belief that one’s home can change as their needs change; shrinking, expanding, rearranging and even moving when needed. For some, tiny houses are a freedom. The freedom to live a balanced life without being tied to a mortgage. Take a look at other tiny houses on our website to find and build your own tiny house.

White Leaf Commons Tiny House

This gorgeous white tiny house is located in Jesup, Georgia, United States. This tiny house, which can be rented through Airbnb, has an amazing deck area.

The outside deck area of ​​the house is gorgeous. It’s so fun. Here; There is a barbecue, dining table, bistro table, sofa and sun loungers. You can also cool off from the hot Georgia sun in the round saltwater pool.

The tiny house looks very cute from the outside. The white color adds a different atmosphere to the house. The house measures 24.5 Ft x 8.5 Ft. Although the house is on wheels, it is stationary.

When we enter the house, which is designed to accommodate 3 people, we encounter a useful environment. Yellow and white colored patterns look very cute.

The living room has a comfortable armchair and TV. The kitchen is small but useful. Necessary equipment is available to make good meals.

The house has 2 attic bedrooms and is accessed by stairs. There is a double bed in the loft above the kitchen. The loft above the bathroom is great for relaxation. The fully functional bathroom has a flush toilet and vanity.


White Leaf Commons Tiny House with Spectacular Deck Space

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