Incredibly Luxury Designed Tiny House By The Lake

Incredibly Luxury Designed Tiny House By The Lake

We continue to discover beautiful and different tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Incredibly Luxury Designed Tiny House By The Lake’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

A tiny house is a good opportunity to change your lifestyle and personal goals. It’s also a versatile tool for building or owning a budget-friendly home, depending on your financial situation. So it is a solution that fills the gaps.

There is no one size and model home design that fits everyone’s lifestyle. For this reason, tiny houses have different styles that appeal to people from all walks of life. There are tiny house models suitable for the lifestyle of individuals, from retirees to newly married couples. That’s why you need to do research to build or buy your own tiny house. You can find your own tiny house by browsing the other tiny house models on our website.

Luxury Designed Tiny House

This tiny house that will surprise you is located by a lake in the Spanish countryside. The fate of this house was determined by the divorce of its owner. Cecilia Engvol’s life has begun a new era.

After Cecilia Engvol sold her house in one of the Stockholm archipelagos, she decided to move to her parents’ old country house in western Sweden. They spent every summer here with their family in their eighties. Therefore, he wanted to fulfill his dreams in order to revive the good memories of the past.

The biggest treasure of the house is outside. Spectacular lake and mountain views can be seen even from the deck area and living room of the house. All change began for the sake of this landscape.

He knew very well how to design this 25 square meter house. The house was originally a single storey. Cecilia wanted a bedroom on the second floor. After negotiations with the municipality, permission was obtained and the second floor was built.

The house has an amazing design. All the furniture and walls were painted white to keep the house airy. Blue tones and gold accents add elegance to the house. The absence of different colors in small areas adds a fresh air to the house.

The ground floor of the house has an open-plan kitchen and living area. The seat under the stairs looks very comfortable. Kitchen design is great. There is a dining table opposite. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom. The staircase leads to the attic bedroom.


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