Absolutely Amazing The Tiny Renovated House in Laurel

Absolutely Amazing The Tiny Renovated House in Laurel

We continue to discover new unique tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Absolutely Amazing The Tiny Renovated House in Laurel’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The increase in the tiny houses housing market continues to gain momentum. For some, it is used as a rental summer house, second residence or even primary residence. They are chosen because they have the ability to maintain a low-cost lifestyle and a smaller carbon footprint once built.

Many tiny houses are on a wheeled platform. In this way, their owners have the ability to take their homes wherever they want and leave them at the desired location. Some tiny houses are designed in a fixed place. There are different types of these houses. Owners should prefer the shape of tiny houses according to their lifestyles and budgets. You can find and build your own tiny house by checking out other tiny houses on our website.

The Tiny Renovated House

Erin and Ben have restored this tiny cottage, which has been empty and dilapidated for a long time. Ben and Erin took on a special project for Erin’s cousin Laurel and Rena, a business owner. They had a budget of $100,000.

This house belonged to Rena’s grandmother, but it had been empty and in poor condition for thirty years. This tiny house is a 648 square foot home built in 1948. Rena was hesitant about living right next to her mother. For this reason, he moved the house to a different point within a 20-decare land. The new location was in a beautiful setting under walnut trees.


The living room looks very bad before it is renovated. It has been restored and fitted with new wooden floors, new drywall and comfortable furniture. At the same time, he raised the ceiling, expanding the room.


The kitchen had no cabinets or appliances other than a sink and antique refrigerator. It has been restored and made magnificent with new cabinets, new granite countertops, authentic washbasins, new flooring and a pantry with barn doors.


The new version of the bedroom of the house looks like a cozy and quiet retreat with its walls. With a classic iron-framed bed and nightstands, the room feels a classic ambiance.


There were two bedrooms in the house, but Rena did not need a second bedroom as she was living alone, and she turned the other room into a generous bathroom. The original small bathroom was converted into a closet. The new bathroom looks gorgeous with pale blue walls, botanical-themed wallpaper and white trim.


Absolutely Amazing The Tiny Renovated House in Laurel

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