Black Colored Growers Cottage

Black Colored Growers Cottage

We continue to find and review new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Black Colored Growers Cottage’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Tiny houses are everywhere. In the depths of the forest, among the trees, by the sea, on the top of the mountains, in your backyard, wherever you feel peaceful. Find your dream house and build it in the location you want.

The low cost of construction of tiny houses and the fact that they can be built in the desired location increase the demand for these houses. Tiny houses offer a different alternative lifestyle to get away from the crowd of the city and relax. Therefore, their numbers are increasing day by day. Do not forget to take a look at the other houses on our website to find and build your dream tiny house.

Growers Cottage

This black colored tiny house is located in Lower Mangrove, New South Wales, Australia. Located inside Dharug National Park, this house can be rented through Airbnb. This restored home is a secluded paradise.

The house is located on 25 acres of land. Surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetable gardens, this house is a beautiful place to enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. Who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy an enchanting stone outdoor bath. Discover the beauty that surrounds the Hawkesbury District.

Black color was preferred outside the house, making it more prominent among the trees around it. It has added a different simplicity to the house by using a triangular roof.

The choice of white color on the walls of the house designed with an open plan layout and the use of large floor-to-ceiling windows created a feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

A comfortable sitting area at the entrance of the house invites us inside. On the side, there is a kitchen and dining table for making nice meals. A different design was created by using hanging shelves on the wall on the side of the kitchen. Relaxing by the fireplace next to the double bed is relaxing. Opposite the bedroom is the bathroom.


Black Colored Growers Cottage

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