Black Diamond Tiny House by General Coach

Black Diamond Tiny House by General Coach

Sometimes living in a tiny house gives people incredible peace. Today we will introduce you to ‘Black Diamond Tiny House by General Coach’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Living in a tiny house changes our lives. The small size of these houses makes our lives easier. We can build these houses wherever we want to live. By the sea, in the depths of the forest, in our backyard, everywhere under the sky that will give you peace.

Therefore, the number of these houses is increasing day by day. As the number increases, the variety of houses also increases. Take a look at other houses on our website to build and best design your own dream tiny house.

Black Diamond Tiny House

This magnificently designed tiny house was designed and built by General Coach, a Canadian company. Founded in 1950, the company is a family business. The company’s current productions are one-of-a-kind park model caravans, mobile homes, rental cabins, theater trailers and special commercial units.

Black Diamond is a little different from other tiny houses with its different exterior design. You will feel more comfortable in this house, which offers more outdoor living space. The house has two deck areas. There is a deck area in front of the entrance of the house. In the upper part of the house, another deck area has been built where you can watch the sky, stars and clouds.

The interior of the tiny house is designed very luxuriously. It looks very stylish with its modern architecture. By choosing light colors on the walls and other items, a spacious atmosphere was created in the interior. At the same time, the best use of daylight is made by using large windows.

In the main living area there is a living room with comfortable armchairs, a television and a fireplace, in the middle there is a kitchen with modern cabinets and a dining table. To the side of the kitchen is a children’s room, bathroom and bedroom.


Black Diamond Tiny House by General Coach

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