Two Students Are Building A Perfect Tiny House.

Two Students Are Building A Perfect Tiny House.

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to ‘Two Students Are Building A Perfect Tiny House.’ suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This perfect tiny house was designed by two students. Their goal was to build this house with a budget of 12,000 €. That’s why they planned to do everything by themselves.

The vegetation around the construction offers different views. For this reason, large windows were used and the view was made best. The exterior of the house was covered with wood, adding a different atmosphere to the house, harmonizing with nature.

The interior of the house is very stylish with its different architecture. Due to the large windows, the daylight has been used in the best way and a spacious environment has been created inside. The interior is covered with wood, creating a rustic atmosphere.

The main living area at the entrance is quite large. A comfortable seat is placed in this area and offers the opportunity to watch the view in the best way. The area in the corner is used as a kitchen and dining area. There are also two wood burning stoves for two different uses.

One passes from the sitting area to the other room. This room was used as a bedroom.

From the bedroom and the outside, one passes to the sauna room at the last part of the house. Sauna is a good idea. A very useful living space is designed in this 26.8 square meter house.

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