Draper Black Tiny House

Draper Black Tiny House

Today we will introduce you Draper Black Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The Draper Black Tiny House is manufactured by Colorado-based company Land Ark RV. This 30 m2 house offers a modern look with the black coating on its exterior.

Black corrugated metal is used for the exterior cladding of the house. With 6 m sliding glass door and 12 windows, it receives plenty of light.

The door of the house opens onto the 7’x14 ‘folding deck. It offers a wide living space on the deck and offers the opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with your loved ones.

The interior of the house is designed very modern. A spacious environment has been created due to the preference of light colors inside and plenty of light from the windows. Led is used for lighting the house.

There is a kitchen opposite the entrance door. The kitchen is designed quite spacious. There is a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink and cupboards.

On the side of the kitchen is the living room. This place can also be transformed into a dining room or a double bedroom by placing a table.

The toilet and bathroom section is quite spacious and stylishly designed. In this area, there is a shower cabin, make-up table, toilet, washing machine, large cabinets.

The master bedroom is in the attic. This area can be climbed with a specially designed ladder. You can watch the view from the bed from the windows here.

To learn more about Draper Black Tiny House, you can check out the Land Ark RV website.

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