Abodu Prefab Tiny House

Abodu Prefab Tiny House


Today we continue to introduce new tiny houses to you.

Due to the high population density in developed cities, it is normal for the number of small houses to increase. Even these tiny houses can lighten the burden. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the number of tiny homes increased after the legislature passed the utility housing law. Tiny houses were quickly built in places such as an existing backyard or an unused car park.

Abodu is a prefabricated company. Trying to simplify the process, this company is building tiny houses quickly. Builds tiny homes in the backyard of any existing home in the California area.

Prefabricated houses are 495 square meters. The houses have a simple Scandinavian design.

It includes the living area, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, toilet and bathroom. All of the houses are built according to standardized parameters. Quality materials and natural parquet are used in all areas. Products such as marble, sliding glass doors, shower cabin, batteries, air conditioning unit comply with the standards. Countertops and built-in cabinets are made of first class materials.

The base price for these homes is $ 199,000. This service includes fieldwork, delivery and installation. Permissions from local planning departments are not included.

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